The up-to date scientific handbook on how to prevent and treat diseases using physical activity

The current English version of the handbook Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease (FYSS in Swedish) is the second edition, from 2008. The third edition, FYSS 2017, was published in December 2016, but is only available in Swedish at the moment. However, the process of translating the book to English has recently started.

Physical  Activity  in  the  Prevention  and  Treatment  of  Disease  summarizes the up-to date scientific knowledge on how to prevent and treat various diseases and conditions using physical activity. The book covers most areas of disease where physical activity has a documented effect. By combining recommendations on suitable exercise activities with a description of the potential risks of physical activity for various patient groups, this handbook can comprehensively be used by anyone working with physical activity and health.

The first part of the book addresses a general background to the area of physical activity, while the second part address the effects of and recommendations of physical activity in diseases and conditions within cardiovascular and metabolic medicine, psychiatry, orthopaedics, neurology, gastro-intestinal medicine, nephrology, rheumatology, pulmonary medicine and more.

The handbook is especially tailored to be a tool for licensed healthcare staff when prescribing physical activity and the method is currently used by all county councils in Sweden as well as Norway. The book is also useful for physical activity organisers working with physical activity on prescription and for educational institutions, such as colleges and universities that focus on health sciences and public health.